The topic of aging is frequently in the news these days. New studies are emerging that […]
We all know and have felt love. We love our family, friends, partners, pets and beyond. […]
It is that time of year again, new beginnings, a fresh start, deciding on a resolution for […]
 In the morning I have been enjoying this warming herbal/spice tea. I thought I would share this simple […]
Our bodies are meant to move. When the leg muscles are stimulated by pointing and flexing […]
Every year around this time we begin the process of planning, preparing and organizing time together […]
Have you ever visited the beach and experienced a feeling of deep calm? The rhythmic sound […]
By Sarah Cotten, FNLP. The functional medicine approach has uncovered causal factors regarding heartburn and uses […]
This recipe is from the Sprouted Cookbook, my favorite “go to” for yummy healthy dishes. I […]
Ingredients 1 large head of cauliflower, broken into florets and leaves reserved 4 tablespoons extra virgin […]