It is that time of year again, new beginnings, a fresh start, deciding on a resolution for the new year. Every year around this time we set goals, resolutions, things we aspire to “fix”, which as we all know, tend to sizzle out by March. Instead of resolutions, how about trying Sankulpa, the yogic tool of intention.

There is a subtle distinction between intention and what you want to happen with a result in mind. Rather than looking at an outcome, “I want to weigh less,” or “I want to be in better shape,” for example, I invite you to try three steps toward Sankulpa. The first step is seeing clearly. This refers to a thought or behavior that may be undermining your mental or physical health and well -being. Becoming aware of them is important. Patanjali called it, “seeing what is.”

The second step is acceptance. You may not like what you see when turning the spotlight on yourself and your patterns, but accepting you just as you are can be liberating. The third step is intention. Intentions are not desired outcomes, but a solid specific plan of action that you have control over. For example, I will sit and take ten deep breaths once a day. Eventually, the intention becomes a part of you, a habit. 

A Sankalpa is a seed we sow in our conscious mind. Once it is sown, we nurture it daily until it takes root in our subconscious. When our subconscious is on board, our Sankalpa will start to manifest outside us in abundant ways.”
~ Hilda Carrollon

Lets start the new year with a calling of our heart, cultivating a seed rather than a resolution and find Drishti, where our eyes look our attention follows. Please join me for some deep breaths and together we will set our intention for a healthy new year! 

Om in the New Year! 

Just as the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so does yoga 
~B.K.S. Iyengar

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