About Suzi

Suzi Mahler is best known for her energizing, inspiring and informative classes. She has been leading yoga classes based on a chair for more than ten years. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of movement and yoga therapy for healthy aging, that is nourishing and beneficial for all aspects of the mind, body and spirit. She loves interjecting anatomy tidbits, self care- tips and ways to move the body into balanced alignment.

Suzi is 200 hour chair yoga certified with Sherry Zac Morris and 200 hour YTT certified with Yoga Alliance. She is a certified massage therapist and a certified nutrition counselor through Bauman College. After graduating from UCSC, she traveled the world, studying and exploring yoga from a variety of teachers and styles. When she is not teaching or practicing yoga, you can find her mountain biking in the beautiful hills of the Santa Cruz mountains, SUPing on the Monterey Bay, or creating healthy meals for herself and husband.


Class Schedule

Maintaining our personal health becomes even more important as we navigate aging. Make the practice of yoga apart of your health routine.

Class Cancelations.

Please NOTE:  Classes are canceled Thursday May 30 and Friday May 31, 2024.  Thursday June 13 and Friday on Zoom, June 14. There is an in-person class at Grey Bears taught by Deb Abbott June 14. Classes are canceled  July 2,4,5, 2024. 

Weekly Schedule On Zoom and In-Person

Tuesday Chair Yoga 9:30am-10:30am on Zoom

Tuesday Gentle Mat Yoga 10:40am-11:00am on Zoom Free

Thursday Chair Yoga 9:30am-10:30am on Zoom

Thursday Meditation Basics 10:40am-11:00am on Zoom Free

Friday Chair Yoga 9:30am-10:30am on Zoom & in person at Grey Bears. Please contact Suzi at suzimahler@gmail.com for details. All levels and abilities are welcome.

What you will need:
A comfortable chair, preferably without arms.
A yoga block and strap. These props are not required, but they do help assist in poses. 
A yoga mat. A mat is not required, but if your chair is on a slick floor, it helps stabilize the chair from slipping. If using a mat, place your chair on top of your mat.

For Gentle Mat Yoga
This class will be on the floor. You will need a yoga mat, strap, blanket, and block. These props are suggested, but not required. If you are comfortable getting down and up from the floor, please join me for restorative gentle yoga. This class is free.

I love working with large or small groups as well as one on one.

I am chair yoga certified with Sherri Zac Morris and 200 hour YTT certified with Yoga Alliance. I am an anatomy geek and love working with bodies ( I am a certified massage therapist) in the healing arts as well as yoga therapy to help people feel better. If your organization would like to include movement and yoga in its curriculum, please contact me.

Student Testimonials

Here’s what my students say about my classes

I am loving the class so much. Thank you.I have been dealing with neck issues for quite some time. I have tried various exercises, chiropractic (one session – mistake!) and PT. After Thursday’s class, I noticed that my neck felt better than it had in years. I am anxious to incorporate the things you did into my daily practice, but don’t remember the sequence exactly. Can you direct me to a resource or do a brief recap for me?I am so excited about this neck relief – and so grateful to you!


About 8 weeks ago I had surgery on my right elbow as the result of osteoarthritis. I have had follow up with the surgeon and I have rehab therapy every 2 weeks with an OT. Both of them see that my right arm extension has improved significantly and rapidly. We are all in agreement that the yoga as had a therapeutic affect on my elbow joint.So, thank you from me and my treatment team for helping me have a successful and speedy recovery process.Grateful in Newton,


Thank you so much for the great class this morning. I’ve never taken a chair class before–and the PSOAS is my #1 challenge with low back pain, so super helpful for informing my small (but mighty) home practice. 🙂 Plus, I’ve never taken yoga sitting with a 94 year old student before!I wanted to let you know that I now understand why you have an ‘entourage’– your knowledge, clarity, kindness, and grace is a blessing for our senior friends–and for yours truly as well.


Great class today–I drove away feeling so good, comfortable in my body. Some of the exercises I know are particularly beneficial to me, and I’m learning to adjust to those not so easy and just do what I can. As you always tell us! Thank you for everything and I am so glad my friend recommended I try your class. It is hard to believe 12 months have gone by!


I believe chair yoga balances life; between food, exercise, and daily living. Chair yoga offers the opportunity to establish community. It also gives me a sense of well-being. Chair yoga has completely changed my life by changing my outlook and giving me a sense of total relaxation without having to go on vacation! The classes with Suzi has improved the quality of my life.

Tamera N.

While standing in line at DMV I practiced balancing! My balance and stamina have increased substantially since starting chair yoga with Suzi. I take classes at Grey Bears, Resurrection Church and at Capitola Fitness. The effort has paid off. I love the fact at 84 years old I can balance on one foot! 


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Thoughts & Inspiration

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