Practice Yoga at home

Select a firm, sturdy chair. Wear comfortable clothing. Choose an area free of distractions in your home or office.

Begin with focusing on your breath.  Notice your inhalation, filling your chest. On the exhale, empty all the air from your lungs pausing at the top of the inhalation and pausing at the bottom of the exhalation. Move with your breath while performing the postures below at a slow even pace. Listen to your body. Rest if needed.

 Tadasana. Mountain Pose Seated. In your comfortable seat plant your feet firmly on the floor. Tall spine, long neck. Palms resting on thighs. Relax. Slow breath in, slow breath out. Find a rhythm with your breath. Close your eyes and enjoy a quiet moment

Knee Do –In. Circle both knees with light to firm pressure with hands starting on the inside of the knee and rotate around and up. Breathe naturally and evenly. This essential exercise stimulates and nourishes the knee joint.

Tapping the Thymus Gland. Lightly tap the chest bone (sternum), the center of the chest with the tips of the fingers of both hands. Count to 30. Breathe naturally and evenly. This exercise stimulates the thymus gland that lies behind the sternum. The primary function of this important gland is production of white blood cells, assisting our bodies to stay healthy.

Arm Circles. Moving with the breath, inhale the arms overhead press your palms together at the top then draw your hands to your heart, anjali mudra . A simple move to unglue the shoulders and open the heart. 3 rotations or more.

Ear to Shoulder Shrug. Lift both shoulders up toward your ears, draw them back together and then down toward your hips. This is similar to arm circles, with an emphasis on drawing the shoulders back and down. 3 rotations or more.

Childs Pose. Sitting tall then folding at the hips sliding your hands down to the floor hanging over your legs. Head and neck are relaxed. Hands are resting on a yoga block or on the floor. Feel your spine elongate and release. Take 3 slow breaths.

Cat/ Cow. Cat, inhale then exhale and round spine drawing the belly toward the spine. Head toward your chest. Cow, stacking the spine one vertebrae at a time as you lengthen up toward the sky then dropping the head back slightly in a backbend. Lift and expand chest toward sky, arching spine. Breath in and out slowly.

Twist. Sitting tall, pressing your feet parallel to each other, turn to the right bringing the left hand to rest on the right leg. Spin the belly and breath. Change sides.

Pigeon pose. Place your right foot on left knee externally rotating your leg. Hold and relax the right hip. Place both hands on your shin and sit tall by gently pulling yourself slightly forward. Release and change sides.

Extended Side Angle. Place feet at a 90’ angle. Knees directly over the feet. Place right forearm on right thigh. Lift the left arm overhead. Feel the lengthening of the muscles between the ribs. Increase the lengthening of the left side by pressing the left hip toward the seat of the chair. Breath and relax. Other side.

Navasana. Boat pose. Lean back slightly and lift both feet off of floor lifting knees toward your chest. Hold this position for a breath or two.

Utkatasana. Chair Pose. Standing. Place feet hip width apart, bend knees like you were going to sit down in a chair. Lift arms over head. Hold

Tadasana, Mountain Pose . Standing. Feel the floor with all 4 corners of your feet. Root to rise.  Press inner side of feet to engage inner thigh. Arms to your side.

Vrksasana. Tree Pose.  Holding onto chair with 1 hand, standing on one leg, shift weight to right foot. Lift your left foot, knee to side and place your foot onto ankle.  Toes are resting on floor for support. Test your balance. Focus. Change sides.

To End your practice. Sitting on your chair, place your hands at your heart center and bow your head. Savor these final moments of your practice. Rest.

Namaste’ !