tree with ripe persimmon

Seasons are a measurement of time and of the movement of the Sun and Moon reflected on our Earth. In Fall season, we feel the subtleties of the air and light, see the leaves change color, and the slowing down of our everyday activities. It is a time of transformation. In these difficult times, it is important more than ever to practice self care. 

Adjusting our daily routines to the seasons supports our internal systems and our mental health. We are spending more time at home, why not add a healthy habit to your daily routine? Your food choices, yoga practice, and your sleep patterns are areas you can make simple changes to align with the Fall season. 

There are three primary doshas, (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) or energies according to Ayurvedic medicine. Vata is the dosha related to Autumn. As the chart at right says, Vata is the “king of doshas” responsible for every movement in the body. The key to balancing the Vata dosha is being regular. 
Food: Eat 1or 2 apples each day for regular elimination. All fruits are good, but apples are very high in soluble fiber called pectin and they are low on the glycemic index.
Yoga: Sit on your chair and practice two or three poses three times daily. I suggest “downward facing dog,” gentle twist to both sides or “cat/cow”. Add in a brief meditation at the end. Ten minutes of yoga does wonders for your state of mind.
Sleep: We all have individual sleep habits, but are they healthy? Regular sleep is healthy for the body and brain. Going to bed and waking at the same time each day allows your body to regulate it’s natural rhythm. Are you getting enough? Too much? And the quality of your sleep? All things we can look at and make subtle changes as we enter the Fall season. Think transformation! 

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